First The World And Then, Your Mom

by Randal Graves

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released June 12, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Big Wind Blues
Big Wind Blues:
(words and music: Desmarais-Racine)

My home
My home was taken down X2
'Cause when the big wind came
He blew it on the ground

My house
My house was blown away X2
It's gonna be a drag
I can't afford to pay

My home
My home was all I had X2
No need to tell me you man
The blues I got it bad

Big wind
You ain't got nothin' on me X2
You may have taken my home
But I still sing in harmony

Novembre 2007
Track Name: If Only I'd Know Further
If Only I'd Know Further
(paroles et musique: Joel Desmarais-Racine)

Once you got into framing
Your mind might be full of things
Be a slut or be a star?
What's my purpose if I sell cars?
A pool of wine is what I want
But playing blues I'll just get(the)pond
Maybe someday there will be a light
Instead of posers in my sight

Let the past be the past
And help him make it last
If only I'd know further
I'd be through

You call yourself a roots lover
You even did a Dylan's cover
You modernized a good ol' track
Into a crappy one of your rack
I'll climb the counter and piss in the sink
Just to get there I'll jump in the ring
Maybe someday there will a sign
But I'll have to leave it all behind


Crack a window I'm needing air
For the record I'm staying square
I'll be able to sing my songs
With whiskey drowning all my lungs
My backup band must know the blues
And all the chances that we might lose
If we don't write for teenage girls
A Simple Plan to rule their world

Septembre 2008
Track Name: How Long Will You Still Be On My Mind?
How long will you still be on my mind?
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Down the street babe
I'm layin' down
It's the end babe
No more stalker clown
Won't the sun burn my eyes
'Cause love has just made blind
But how long babe
Will you still be on my mind?

The record played
The band is leaving town
The sorry-agent says
Boy, they didn't like your sound
See the Nevada's vulture
Rip it off, this heart of mine
But how long babe
Will you still be on my mind?

Any memorie babe
I locked them in the city's square
From my dreams babe
I kinda think you care
'Cause it's only when I'm messy
That I see you lookin' behind
But how long babe
Will I keep you on my mind?

The sun in her eyes
Was never so sweet before
Sorrow at my window
The pain I never see no more
But soon the cold mornin'
Will come and take this gal' of mine
But how long babe
Will I keep you on my mind?
Track Name: The Hanged Ones
The Hanged Ones
(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

No one had the guts to compromise the men
No one had inspect the old darn mills
No one had mention the blood line on their hands
No one even ask my 'pa's last will

Oh daddy, please say it isn't so
Please tell me you didn't kill those men
All my friends told me: '' At the moment they go,
They hanged ones always crap their pants. ''

I didn't had the choice, they didn't had the rights
They did not had the rights to touch my daughter
I still can hear her scream in my lonely nights
Gotta be real strong for my last hour

Listen to me son, please let me tell you so
Come here close so you can understand
Take care of your 'ma, be sure to let her know
That tomorrow I'll take it like a man

Joel Desmarais Mai 2009
Track Name: What We Are
What We Are
(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Someone's fear has caught with you
That made look kinda bad
You dodge the bullet
And flew outta my way
And I'll never know the things you did
Nor the story that brought pain
I'm just trying to reach you
Am I strong or am I sane?
And the little crying kid in rag
Don't even look the same
And you came upon
And we became what we are

Someone chill just made out with you
I swear to you that look bad
He just puked all over you
And leaving you freaking mad
T'was I that you went to
But I was unaware
I didn't even was free from mind
That must have been so unfair
But in the sky it's written
In a big and flashing square:
''And you came upon
And we became what we are''

And from that time, we never been close
I was studying math
From a distant class
But to the same one that you went to
But then, one weekend I saw you
With that dork and a shitty flick
I just kept on looking at you
And wish you were my chick
And the little crying kid in rag
Was acting like a prick
And you came upon
And we became what we are

Now I don't see you that much
Even though I'm back in town
I least I did talk a bit to you
And now I know that you're on your own
Me, I just lost all of my temper
And some of my esteam too
At night, I see you lover
And I'm lying close to you
And I softly sing into your dreams:
''Don't you know our love is true''
And you came upon
And we became what we are

Septembre 2008
Track Name: Goddamn

words and music: joel desmarais

Silver lights on my neck
Cold wind blows
Walking to the sunset 'till
I get my life a sense

The sins have been announced and
Heaven? Go!
Your way is all trace up
Stay on the road and walk

Praying is not enough for
To be save in all the way
I got to walk a journey
To live in peace again

The first days had been easy
But it was kinda long
I'm tired of walk alone now
When does it finally end?

This road have nothing
More than any other roads
Expect a little green sign
That appears from behind

I turn my back one time
And start to realize
It's really not the end yet
Sky: 40 Years, Hell: 25

What the fuck that I'm
Doin' out here
Goddamnit, you're such infair
Why did you sent me here?

Suddendly I hear voices
I open up my eyes
And there's a man in a car
On the side of the road

He's said his name was Larry
And would like a ride?
There's an easy an' evil way
To reach the Heaven's gates

The man was kinda creepy
But what I had to lost?
''No need to buck your belt, son
You're already dead''

Larry was driving
Faster than a train
He said: ''It's time to party
Let the blues be your guide''

Muddy Water's music
Canned Heat too
We started drinking malted milk
And did some cocaine too

Robert Johnson's driving
Larry's looking thrill
''You got to keep drinking, boy
Before we reach Heaven''

Convertible hot seats
Liquor starts to flow
John Lee Hooker's jammin'
On the radio

Sonny Boy on fire
Mary wanna burn
This trip's not really over
So drop the acid pill

Eyes wide open Larry:
''You really been fucked up
Now your soul is just dirt
Your life's forever mine!

Novembre 2006
Track Name: Me And The Mine
Me and the Mine
(Paroles et Musique: Joel Desmarais-Racine)

I was born in the east
Breathing a more softly breeze
And the sky it was a-sunny all day
Oh the things they were fine
Until I met the mine and since that
My life's been leading to freeze

Oh please tell me mine
Can I ever be free?
Can I be a part
In the chain history?
But at the end of the day
When the work is all done
I can barely see the sun

The way we work underneath
The air is so hard to breath
And the sky is just a-rocky all day
With all the dust in your lungs
And the sands on your tongue
Make the damn work day shift
Kinda Don't worth the pay

Oh please tell me mine
Can I ever be free?
Can I be a part
In the chain history?
But at the end of the day
When the work is all done
I can barely see the sun

Have your read the day news?
Me and mine got the blues
We want work but we don't want work hre
When I'll be dead lying down
Don't bury me underground
Held me high in the tree by the bay

Oh please tell me mine
Can I ever be free?
Can I be a part
In the chain history?
But at the end of the day
When the work is all done
I can barely see the sun

Oh please tell me mine
Will I ever be free?
May I be apart from your chain history?
But at the end of the day
When the work is all done
I've already missed the sun

(Octobre 2008)
Track Name: Old Timer
Old Timer
(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Old timer went to the river bed
Like everyday since his old lady been dead
He's not so much young anymore
But he hopes that one, he'll find god's golden shore

He unpacked his mule then he looked at the flood
Holding the buckets, he shakes
It's not even noon but the sun's boiling his blood
As he roll up his pants past his waists

Standing in the water, he dream of the land
That he'll buy for himself if he search out the sands
But this has been goin' on for twenty odd years
And he's planning doin' it 'till he found out the reel

Drown your buckets another day
Maybe this time you'll get gold
Way out in the water, you'll be okay
You don't have much time, you are old

In the afternoon, so hard he tries
Eating beans with a spoon, he never cries
Now the break is over, time to get to work
Maybe then before the moon the river will burst

He felt like a boost and he gave his best shot
Double the work with god's hand
The bucket just flew when he found out the rock
Who was glowing in the sands

His screams filled the entire canyons
Even the wild coyote heard his canons
But two rascals heard it too
Hey watch out old timer, they're comin' for you

He was still jumping when they shot him in the back
Taking the gold from the man
And way out in the water the river turns red
On his face was still a smile

Septembre 2008
Track Name: Different Cases
Different Cases
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

The sky is tracking on your mind
Your eyes will probably go blind
This liquor wasn't very fine
That why periodically
You start ro smell funny
On your crucifix
Burns a man in twist
He's a man with a home in the sands
Talking hands

There's a river runnin' through your butt
The deal is over now I want my cut
Stop speakin' now and make a shot
You can go to hell
by the way you tell
They will surely try
In your yellowy eyes
You want to chill
And pay your bills
For the hill

Why do you think they call it dope?
You're gonna finish on a rope
A junkie may have killed the pope
You try to play the card
Of the child retard
You spit all over the place
In the president's face
You will buy your greasy smile
Endless sky

Watch out little boy you will fall
Can't you see the writings on the wall?
Now you don't hear anything at all
You're fallin' so quickly
Out of reality
Your ultimate weapon
Is the nearest turn
Or your life in the flash of a knife
In a crise

Track Name: The Harvest Men
The Harvest Men
(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

I'm surrounded by the harvest men
They poked me up with their claws
The southern land may seems unreal
I'm livin' here above the law

When the sun will stop shinning
They'll burn me, burn me off this world

You must back me anyway you can
The poet mind is what we know
Well, you're not even that innoncent
We rushed our souls with the flow

For all the things I did
They'll hang me, hang me in the air

The Lone Ranger and the Spiderman
They cheer me up when I'm high
You who are ghosts and livin' here
You must be brushing all your lifes

Even though you lost your job
You must forgive, forgive the power plant

They strangled here and they choked me there
Just like a colored country
The rotten bats they picked my limbs
And dragged my into the sea

I know you think that I'm immortal
But I'll tell that ain't fair

I'm surrounded by the harvest men
They poked me up with their claws
The southern land may seems unreal
I'm livin' here above the law

Octobre 2008
Track Name: A Nightly Ritual
A Nightly Ritual:


Between my thoughts of being rich

Or living just like a ghost

I know you'll always be here

'Cause every night I see you close

Like a nightly ritual

You're in my dreams every night

A nightly ritual babe

Won't you step into the light?

From the moment I go sleeping

To the morning when I wake

You take your part in my dreaming

When the light begins to fade

Like a nightly ritual

You're in my dreams every night

A nightly ritual babe

Won't you step into the light?

All of the world can be destroy

My thoughs will always still

When the sun wake me up

I always feel a chill

'Cause of the nightly ritual

You being my dreams every night

I nightly ritual babe

Won't you step into the light?
Track Name: While The Establishment Burns
While the Establishment Burns:
(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

The television's bleeding
The sound of marching men
The squad of soldier king
Just scratching all their hands
The toxic cocktail sings
4th of July in advance
In fear

While the establishment burns
Wich side will you take?
The rebels on the street
Or the gunny fake?
The windy lead will blow
'Till the break of day
From the pyre

The bum with the crowbar
Listening to his heart
The power standing afar
Invading all the parks
People exiling in cars
Taking the children apart
From fear

But while the establishment burns
Hiding in the shade
The fear of patriotist
From the morning I wake
The stormy weather broke
At 5 'o clock today
For real

The wicked male-function
In the U.S Navy
The phony salvation
Just shitting on a tree
The crowd in the distance
Just keeping empty
Some fears

But while the establishment burns
Napalm fire did good
It blew up all the cities
From all the things we could
Helding high in courage
And yell up at the world
The word

Juin 2008
Track Name: Mama I Missed The Plane
Mama I Missed The Plane
(Words and music: Joel Desmarais)

Capo 4

C F C G x2

The McCallister prepared for the Christmas
Taking a trip to uncle Rob in Paris
I was bored as hell when they were packing
I kept bothering my mother and my other sibblings

I got in a fight with my brother buzz
And I spilled coke on my uncle Frank's crotch
My mom grounded me in front of my peers
That night I whished they would all just disappeared

The next morning they all overslepted
'Cause the power went down and the alarms reseted
So all my family left in a hurry
And in the rush they forgot me

At first I thought it was gonna be fun
Patricing shooting with Buzz's BB gun
Jumping on the bed and watching gangster's movies
I stoled Buzz's money to buy groceries

But some things scared the crap outta me
Like the old man Marley, he killed his family
Or the old furnace in my own basement
But what's the worst thing that can happen?

C F C G x2

Well that worst thing came to be
The Wet Bandits tried to rob me
Their names were Harry and Marv
They flooded the houses, that was their mark

They were stealing every houses in the neighborhood
I heard them by my home they were up to no good
When they got the fact that I was alone
On Christmas eve, they planned to rob my home

So I decided to defend my house
I put car toys on the floor and some trap for mouse
I heated the door knob and poor water on the steps
And many other things that can make a real mess

Then I waited for them with Buzz's BB gun
I shot Joe Pesci right in the bun
My plan worked out from A to Z
They falled in all my traps poor old Marv and Harry

I called the police and ran across the street
Then the Wet Bandits took a real good beat
They were gonna make me really pay
But they were knocked with a shovel by old man Marley

Mama I missed the plane
But now the burglars are in pain
I set bobby traps all around the house
And I kicked their stupid asses
When you'll come home on Christmas morning
You'll be happy to see
That I am not a child anymore
And I can take care of my own...
When I'm home alone

C F C G x2

Verse 2:
The next year we all did the same thing
A trip to florida, we were all going
As usual Buzz was a jerk
He made fun of me at the church

So my mom grounded me again
And I whished to spend Christmas withtout them
But even though they still overslepted
This time at least they didn't forget

But something happenned at the airport
I followed the wrong dad and ended up in new york
Thank god I had his credit card
So renting a hotel wasn't so hard

I was having a blast while I was there
Chilling in Central Park or in Time Square
I even tipped Rob Schneider with gum
I went to Duncan's toy store, damn it was fun

But who's that on the sidewalk I see?
Escaped from prison, it's Marv and Harry
To save my ass I ran like hell
And I came back to the hotel

C F C G x2

Then my problems got bigger
When I bumped into Hector the hotel manager
He said my credit card was stolen
And that he called the police to have me taken

I managed to escaped with an awesome stunt
I went to see the pigeon lady with horrible bunt
She took me to the Carnegie Hall
That's when I realized I had to stop Harry and Marv

My uncle Rob had another house in town
So I went to put Booby traps all around
And When the wet bandits tried to rob to toy store
I took a picture of them to pissed them more

They followed me to my uncle's place
I threw a few bricks right in Marv face
They falled for everything once again
They rued the day they cross Kevin's land

They got knocked down finally
By birdseeds and the pigeon lady
And at the Rockefeller plaza
I finally found my mama

Chorus 2:
Mama I missed the plane
But now the burglars are in pain
I set booby traps in uncle house in new york
And I kicked their stupid asses
When you'll come here on christmas morning
You'll be happy to see
That I'm not a child anymore
And I can take care of my own
When I'm home alone


F G Am Am/G F G C x2

Chorus 1
Chorus 2 x2

(Novembre 2011)