Serious Music From The Sewers

by Randal Graves

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released December 25, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Grateful
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Your Hollywood face
The smile in your eyes
The loneliness
Your goodbye
So young and so brave
But so fragile inside
You need to thing straight
Or else you would die
You're lost in a twirl
You need to get out
Your place in this world
You need to figure out

And I'm thankful
That you gave my heart a chance
That you didn't turned away
And I tell you
You made me a better man
Even if you didn't stay

Me? I'm doin' fine
I don't feel blue
I'm more confident
Thanks to you
I roll up my sleeves
I take the next step
Whatever that means
I'll take a guess
I have no regrets
I love you always
For ever and ever

And I'm thankful
That you gave my heart a chance
That you didn't turned away
And I tell you
You made me a better man
Even if you didn't stay
Don't worry
About our wrongs and our rights now
I just took the good
From all the hindsight I've got now
And I'm grateful
That you and me happened
I guess there's nothing else to say
Just remember
I promised you children
So hopefully
We'll meet again someday

JUIN 2012
Track Name: Best Morning
Best Morning
(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Meet me in the morning
Before the summer dies
Meet me before you go do your things
That keep you so alive
I hate small talk but I'll do my best
To make it interesting
And when I'm done
I'll give my smile to you
And you can go on do your things
I know it will be
The best morning I had in weeks

I'm not gonna bring you diamonds
I'm not gonna bring you gold
I'm not gonna bring you anything
That can compromise your soul
I'm gonna wait by the river banks
Like that one time in spring
If you can't remember
It's down by the river
Where you can hear me sing
Just show up and make
The best morning I had in weeks

Meet me at the stations
Meet me at the school
Meet me anywhere you want
I promise I'll be cool
I won't mention the envy
And the worst-case scenario
I'll bring some wine
And something to eat
And Rick Davies on stereo
Then I know it will be
The best morning I had in weeks

Août 2012
Track Name: Minimize My Love
She Was So Sweet On 52nd Street
(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

A Asus4

I've been countin' the days
Since you left
But now I think
I'll start to count for real

I feel empty all the time
G/B Am
Can't you see?
The love you found
Is still a part of me

I did understand
Everything you said
Well not clearly everything
But some of it I guess

But the fact is
That I didn't had those feelings
For a girl since at least
Five long years

So don't you
G C G/B Am
Minimize my love, baby please
F G C C7
Don't you remember how it was?
Don't you realize
C G/B Am
That it was such a tease?
To show me how it can really feel

I've been wishin' for the rain
Every step
To make it
Ok to be inside

The sun in the sky is too often
There I think
It's not fair
For those of us who are sick

One month of your lovin'
And then it's finally gone
What made you
Strangely change your mind?

'Cause now I pay the price
For 40 days of love
With a life-sentence
Of scars and blue sorrow

So don't you
Minimize my love, baby please
Don't you remember how it was?
Don't you realize
That it was such a tease?
To show me how it can really feel

The minutes passes
The more you flee
Am E7
The more you're far from me
The painter cries
The muse is free
She'll inspire him eternally

'Cause now it's been
Six months already
And now this
Kinda feel silly

I'm still writing all those songs
For this girl
Who made it clear
That she didn't loved me

But I can't deny
Those feelings that I had
And that I still have
They're really there to stay

The only thing I can think of
To make it more okay
Is to write those songs
It is the only way

So don't you
Minimize my love, baby please
Don't you remember how it was?
Don't you realize
That it was such a tease?
To show me how it can really feel
F G Am
Why are you afraid to feel?

Septembre 2012
Track Name: California Bound
California Bound
(words and music: Desmarais-Racine)

Looking through my window
I can see the lights
How do people know
And how they might?

Stars align, they're showing me
The way to go
To the Canyons
Where the cool wind blow

Take the open road
Bring your favorite friends
Choose the ones who will
Stick 'till the end
California sand

Day dreamin' of the way
Things used to be
Can't wait to see what
The future holds for me

In my mind I have
The greatest expectations
But there's a difference
Between these and intuition

Let me sing the hills
Let me spread the sound
Roaming to the place
Where it all stand ground
California bound

Novembre 2012
Track Name: 2 Way Street
2-Way Street
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Dark clouds hung above me
Thinkin' 'bout being denied
Is this what happened when you die?
Wandering through the city
Couldn't even read the sign
Can you tell I'm out of my mind?

Carry me on through the lecture
Needless to say I did not lie

Shrouded by your scenery
I walk the floor since you left me
Tell me why?
Blinded by the ecstasy
I grew tired of misery
Tell me why?

Been around twice as many
Happiness is never fine
Is this a pattern of your time?
I bet you all my gold teeth
I won't have peace of mind
Until I'm cured from being blind

The Stage Coach driver was arrested
He thought his winged-horses could fly

We would have made the perfect team
Guided by each others dream
And get by
The two of us in harmony
Providing a sweet melody
And get by

Watching you drooling on me
I wish this movie never ends
It's a bad movie in french
All I got's the memory
but they're starting to fade away
And now I'll always despise May

Barman could you pour me a tall one?
I'm not yet, ready to cry

'Cause my woman just left me
I need some sort of remedy
I could die
The Albatros are oversea
But the Sparrow here is still lonely
I could die

Now there's only one more options
You go your way and I'll go mine
But you can come back anytime
'Cause if someday you're running empty
All you need to do is look behind
The 2-way street isn't hard to find

Track Name: What a Drag It Is To Be Me
What a drag it is to be me
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Though meaningless they are
My problems are crumbling
From the top-shelf of my heart
Romeo is moaning

The painter still at work
But Mona Lisa is confuse
After too much rehearsals
She blew up a fuse

I'm lookin' at the clock
And then I'm lookin' at the rain
The radio play Folk Rock
It help me stay insane

I'm lost 'cause I ran
And now I'm waiting for a ride
In haze I vanished
To keep it all inside

And if somebody's here
You're saying obviously
What a drag it is to be me

The farmer son he's stretching
He now steps in the line
He screwed up once, he won't do twice
He take this as a sign

He's strong, he's bright, he's mean
Doesn't miss one chance
All that the things that piss me off
They're all part of his plan

Jane screamed: ''Stop it!
You're bringing me so down
You know this is bullshit
And I really hate your sound''

I told her she was right
I know that I'm so lame
Now can I make you please me?
Dear lady Mia Jane

But if Mona Lisa was here
She'd say basically
What a drag it is to be me

Jane she's so sweet
She's like nursery rhymes
She stumble to her feet
And she gets back in the line

But Mona Lisa is to me
Like if a carnival of sound
Was ringing on through me
And lift me from the ground

And when Jane said she came
She left her heart back there
But that's alright for me
Mona Lisa's everywhere

I tried my best to told her
How does it really feel
She understand but quickly
Goes back to her meal

''She's my muse, she's my pills!
What the hell should I do?''
Get of hold of yourself
You guys are really through

And whatever she is saying
She said it already
What a drag it is to be me

The daylights are rising
You know this can't last long
Whatever I wanna play
I've already sung

The lampost in the street
Turn off to normal life
Abandoned in my sheets
The dream's where it's nice

I start from scratch and then
I introduced myself
I'm gonna keep my mouth shut
Everyone can go to hell

It's better left unsaid
And it's funnier that way
It was our precious secret
But I threw it all away

It was a sacred bond
And I'm the traitor in this game
I thought it would be fun
If everyone knew our names

But when I sleep it's fine
We are stronger than ever
I can enjoy the sun
And I'm lying close to her

The folk song is over
But it's saying endlessly
What a drag it is to be me

AOUT 2012
Track Name: My Favorite Eyes
My Favorite Eyes
(words and music: Desmarais-Racine)

Calling out your name
Staring at your actress smile
Paintings of your face
All around the country side

Calling back your name
Waiting on a little while
This isn't loosely-based
It's how I spend my life

Start to looking like a game
Show you where my interest lies
Yours are really
My favorite eyes

Craving your arcade
Living on a tables pile
Her Harlequin parade
Working on his New-York style

Being loved and being hated
Act like he knows his rights
He's even being late
For everything he likes

But the one thing stayin' clear
It's where his cold-heart lie
Yours are surely
His favorite eyes

Genuine feelings that I have
Echoes from this book I hold
Exorcing the demons
Picturing the Gallows Pole

Screaming now your name
Waiting on a little while
Will come into my place?
When you're on this country side

One day I'll be eating fame
But they'll stay inside
Yours are truly
My favorite eyes

Octobre 2012
Track Name: Until You Wanna In Tijuana
Until You Wanna In Tijuana
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Well I'm going south
I'm gonna eat some tacos
Going right across the border
In Tijuana, Mexico
Tag along with the Gecko Brothers
And a couple of hobos
Some old folks from New Orleans
And a plumber name Mario
I'll probably spend a week or two
I'm not really sure
Why don't you here too
Gonna send ya the brochure
Until you wanna
In Tijuana

Our first night was crazy
And I lost my tooth
At a very boring poker game
I wasn't telling the truth
They took me to a beach house
Where I met a friend
Who sold me some Peyote
But then came Montezuma's Revenge
That's what we say in Mexico
When a Gringo shit his pants
I was out for three days
But that's where I learn romance
Until you wanna
In Tijuana

I woke up on a highway
On my leg was a lizard
Cried out like a new-born baby
He was heading for my trousers
Puke my guts right on the road
It was full of sands
Then I heard a big voice
So I grabbed my 4-10
The man said: ''I'm your father
Please son, don't shoot me!''
I shot the poor bastard anyway
So tell mom I'm sorry
Until you wanna
In Tijuana

Now I'm stuck in La Presa
With the Redwood blues again
She keeps waiting for me in L.A
To form a new band
The vultures gather 'round me
They know I missed my train
So can you come here and pick me?
I really am in pain
If you do this you'll
The greatest sister in the world
I haven't eat anything in weeks
There's nothing more to hurl
Until you wanna
In Tijuana

Track Name: Hold The Forth(For What It's Worth)
Hold The Fort(For What's It's Worth)
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

You got glasses in your feet
You ain't got too much to eat
You don't got much

In your mind you're planning schemes
Can you wake up from this dream?
Can you wake up?

Your very own world is falling down
And there's no one else around
To cut the rope tonight

Now the room is very still
The radio says: ''Can't buy a thrill''
This time there's no light

Situations getting worse
But you're clearly not the first
Look around you

Every souls in their lifetime
Experience pain some of the time
Think about that

The windows are open wide
But such an emptiness inside
You know this time it's for real

But there's still a part of you
Who just knows you'll make it through
And it's enough to make you feel

There's is still much more to it
Keep the wheel just for a bit
It gets better

Hold the fort for what's it's worth
Think about the ones you're gonna hurt
Think about them

The promise world lies just ahead
You won't see it if you're dead
Don't be so selfish

It's for not fair for you dad
For your mom it is too sad
They don't deserve this

Avril 2007 et Novembre 2012
Track Name: Prison Bound
Prison Bound

(Paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine

Whispering mind in a troubled time
I'm in prison doin' time
So much hard to speak freely
Magnets on tv

Since you've been gone
I'm a-hurt inside
In my room I nurse my pride
Gazing at the pale moonlight
Zimmerman knows me right

Singing songs I can't believe
Watching shit I cannot leave
I'm waiting for my heart to be broken

But he'll hang in there stand still
And I'll be lookin' for the hill
I'm thinkin' 'bout love being surreal

What happened to my own story?
What a year it's been, seriously

But don't get me wrong
'Cause I know it's good
If you only could

And even though you're not there
Just know that I still care
And I'm thinkin' 'bout you everyday

Please come on home to me
Then you will surely see
How much love can be surreal

Farewell to those of friends of mine
Farewell to that gal' of mine
I'll be here having a down
Alone and prison bound

AOUT 2012
Track Name: Rusty Goals
Rusty Goals
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Longin' for that silver sound
With several stiches on your mind
Brought on by some Sunset stories
And a love that made you blind
Breaking all the golden rules
Of the heroes in old time
And now you're wondering what to give
To get you back in line

Glimpses of burning hits
I think this might be my luck
Tryin' normal for just a bit
And here comes the aftershock
How can I be so into it?
But such a lazy fuck
I have to learn to take my own risks
And ditch everyone who's in my spot

A dream can live a long long time
Before it takes it's toll
Mine will surely stay in place
Until I play Rock n' Roll
But lately things have turn to steal
Instead of turning to gold
The next thing you know, you're further from it
And you're turning 24

Morning leads to starlight
And I will unravel
By the end of this freakin' year
I better start to travel
I can see the seaguls fly
But the beaches are too far
Anyway you're almost broke
And you don't even own a car

Track Name: Mona Lisa
''Well, there are three things men can do with women: love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature'' - Stephen Stills

Mona Lisa
(words and music: Desmarais-Racine)

First time I did saw her
T'was in military school
She had me at Blues Brothers
But I played it way too cool

Then came more occasions
And I didn't know my stuff
If I hadn't been such a stoner
It would have been less rough

There was also a dude
Who wanted to be king
He challenged everybody
To step right in the ring

I was in a good spot
But I didn't had the balls
So he got the first shot
And I let him took the fall

Once it was over
I ineptly made my move
Mona Lisa and me
Seemed to fit the groove

I wasn't writing
But at least I was in love
With a lady so stunning
And gentle like a dove

The image that I gave her
Was incredibly undone
Focusing completely
On being such a bum

I wanted to be clean
And forget about the rest
But I wanted to be seen
With her nonetheless

And so I did my shout
Over my roof and walls
The romance of my life-time
Before the curtain call

This marvelous month of tripping
It came and went so fast
By the end of April
She was back into class

And the crash of the tensions
It happened in a bar
I heard all the reasons
Why it didn't go that far

Like a cat hit by a Volvo
I cried out in public
Bleeding all over the sidewalk
While my friends played music

By then in rehearsals
It got too much weird
She left after two weeks
And I just grew a beard

This atrocious month of grieving
It really last a while
Almost through the summer
I was wondering why

When I finally met Da Vinci
I ask him why the hell?
Mona Lisa was very friendly
But by then end, you couldn't tell

He thought about it a moment
Then he made his reply:
''The muse gave you your stories,
Now you must let her fly.''

Décembre 2012