What Year Is This? 1966?

by Randal Graves

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released April 27, 2013



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Track Name: Hovering Numbers
Hovering Numbers
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Let's get ourselves to the sunset
Let's get us back to a simpler time
When you were mine
You say you wanna fly away
Well my love with me there could be a way
It'll be okay

Remember what I said earlier
I'll be with you until the end
I started cryin' all over
When you said that we'd still be friends

I'll mark my words into bright lights
Assuring that we can make things right
With you in sight

For you I wrote those hovering numbers
But they'll only do me wrong
Can't we talk right now with each others?
Instead of keepin' doin' it with songs

Several people I don't trust
Some of them I just wanna shot
And let them rot

The wind it did knocked me over
I can't find that peace of mind
Your world I try not to bother
But it's getting hard to stay blind

Call me a preacher, call me a priest
Call me the keeper of the silence peace
How can I reach?

Track Name: This Room
This Room
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Let your fingers slip
What a strange long trip?
Sure it wasn't bad
The best I've ever had
And all I hear's the Wilhem scream
From across that silver screen
Life is overrated
And I'm so wasted
Working on your craft
Only makes them laugh
And I've seen you go by that door
A thousand thousand times before
But this room is mine to keep
I do nothing here but sleep
Or write
About the sight

On the keys I pound
How I left the ground
The oven shines your eyes
And the day goes by
The remains of my future self
Lies between those other shelves
So I sing along
Those American songs
My horses for a day
As a Springfield in L.A
Well I must be ahead in time
Or heading for a long decline
This room was always mine to keep
How did I get in so deep?
Oh that's right
It's useless to fight

The pictures on the wall
Echoing the fall
I use them to protect
My own intellect
If I keep running at this pace
I might never see your face
Psychedelic tunes
Surrounding the room
Counting on the brass
To complete the task
I'm out of my living form
But not enough to clear the storms
This room was never mine to keep
We are far away from peace
And light
But then again, I might

Will this one be my last?
Painful is this past
Sending all my love
To the skies above
The meanings of those sceptic signs
They're really not meant to be find
Passing out again
On the thoughts you send
My unfortunate voice
Never was my choice
Which one did you said you like?
Give something else to write
And still this room is mine to keep
From here I will try to leap
Or die
By your movie eyes

Track Name: Clearing Out The Fog
Clearing Out The Fog
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Old Levon standing there
Telling stories from his young times
Told him: ''I don't care''
Still dreaming about the little gal' of mine

I'm dealing the terms of my release
They saying it's looking really good

But oh girl can't you see?
What prison has done to me
I don't think I'll ever be ready
Oh sweet careless dove
I'm longing for your love
You and I can be clearing out the fog

Old Levon is singing
Every songs in the brown book
His voice is very soothing
The music has a folky hook

In this case you're the jury
Only you can authorize


Old Levon is dead now
Digging dirt in a heaven's field
He's joing by his band buddies
Around they're making a shield

Maybe I'm overreacting?
I'll ask the Marshall for a ride


I'm trying so hard
To do the righteous thing
I don't know if
I should speak or sing
Either way
She don't belong to me
On my door the sun
Will shine eventually
Can we talk
about it now?
I got to get rid
Of this pain somehow
I've seen you
In every movies
I've got 53 songs
On misery
Sometimes I think
You will heed the call
I wait the night
For nothing at all
Don't feel empty
Don't feel...

Track Name: Song For Willy

Song for Willy
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

Once upon a time
In Trenton, NJ
Lived a country boy
Who longed for a journey
Almost every day
He was talking about it
But in the end he stayed
And he did not do shit

Here's a song for you Willy
Only you can make it work
Take this song with you Willy
And give it birth

When he woke in the morning
His stuck in the ground
By the late evenin'
He was ready for showdown
Travelling the globe
And sleep in big hotels
But he's turning 24
And his life's a living hell


C'mon Willy boy
Your time is in a swirl
Cultivate this soil
And you will see the world
C'mon dear Willy
Your time is almost up
Your dream's in a hurry
Now you must never stop

The callings of the gods
Are meant to be answered
The pounding of the drums
Is part of your culture
Take this song of mine
And give it a new life
Forget about those ruins
They cut you like a knife


Track Name: Mercury Sound
Despite all your helpless anger
No one seem to get the point
And maybe it's time to meet the maker?
C'mon man let's rip this joint

Can we put it all together?
The only way we'll left the ground
We should have known better
Let's bring people back to this sound

Nowadays it's so much wires
Everyone doin' it wrong
Back when the Strip was on fire
The crucial thing was the song


There's a bird flying around you
He's showing us the Shakey's way
A cigarette is pressing unto
Now little birdy has to stay


Avril 2013
Track Name: Planes, Trains And Cars
C Csus4
Yonder stands there
C Csus4 C
A boy who's not in shape
Em7 G
No reflex, so sorry
C Csus4
All day long
C Csus4 C
He only stares at lake

Am7 D
And when the moon hits him in the eye
Am7 D
He's blaming her for remembering why
Am7 D
The only good he does all day
Am7 D
Is painting her in the purest way

Took a day off
From retirement
Staying home in the castle
Second story
But still like a basement

From here I
Will change the world
I write a song
And I remove the words
The night
Isn't calling
The business there was good
But the phone doesn't ring
Did you
Or did you not?
It's taking me forever
To just see it was a flop
Mumbling every
Single slurs
But still to this day
I don't believe any rumors
Two lovebirds
Way apart
From the eyes
And from the heart

I sat my feet
Deep in the water
I brought a rock with me
To remember her
I was floating
The wind wasn't so strong
On the salty sea
Where did
The dragon go?
Last time we saw him
He was heading for Tokyo
I gotta
Get there somehow
So hand me those contracts
I'm ready to sign them now

Planes, trains and cars
Are moving far away
To someplace I don't care
These new postcards
Are forcing me to stay

Avril 2013
Track Name: Painter's Lament
Painter's Lament #8
(paroles et musique: Desmarais-Racine)

She talks when she sleeps
And when at night the dreams they became true
She struggles hard to sings her decline
The minute it went deep
The evening was already blue
The Kingdom come was full of those pines
But the carnival
Was supposed to be there for a while
And now the kid
Is swallowing is pride
To ease the tide

The Lord of freewill
Just got busted for a year
It'll take some time to recover
He made too much thrill
The trial was by a jury of his peers
''You have have to prove to you really love her''
SO he carried on
By doing the things he like the most
Which is in fact, nothing
But running through the smokes
Tell al the folks

The more you know
Never was really much your thing
You swept it off to feel satisfied
The lonesome sparrow
Eventually came back here to sing
It's how your heroes spend their lives
So I'm stuck in here
With so many different things to write
But only one character to fantasize
Give it a try

Now where the feelings at?
They're probably between me and this sheet
Whatever, nobody likes my sound
I'll peek through the crack
Try to get my heartache back to sleep
Sometimes the lost are never found
But it's all my fault
I mixed up my work with that painting
She has now a bigger part in your building
But it ain't her thing

Track Name: No Nothing
A whiter evening
For goodness's sake
The grand Finale
Has a second take
Those senseless feelings
The ones I did recall
Where never meant
To last until the Fall
Loneliness is tough
But craziness is worse
I ask myself
Can I call this a curse?
The thief is still out there
I see him everywhere
Walking around
With the shoes I should wear

When I awoke that morning
The bedroom it was bare
Obstructed by
A very strange affair
There were no pills, no nothing
My eyes couldn't believe
I blinked once or twice
To make sure they weren't freezed
Now the road is pretty wet
My aim is acurate
But the steering wheel
Is out of control
In the attic lays a crowd
And I'm guided by an owl
Making sure
I give enough soul

In the danger house I live in
I climbed up too much steps
But it's out there
That I will take the rest
No icones before you
Ever did something like that
The comfort you rest in
Is really just a trap
So I leave you two alone
I the morning I'll be gone
To the coast of Sante-Fe
Where hippies used to roam
Oh how much I give for a journey?
With the stars of yesterday
Never again
Will I feel so alone

MARS 2013
Track Name: Know Me
Know me is a friend of mine
Stronger than any lifeline
We met each others
When she was 4
But lately she doesn't feel so well
Clinging unto every ring bell
And shows up at my cellar door

I tell you dear know me
You don't have to worry
I'll support you
No matter what you do
You know it from the start
I love you with all my heart
So count on me
To help you get you through

The childhood themes she brought along
Overcoming all the wrongs
The medicine on your toe
She'll make you challenge your own lungs
Sings the hell out of your song
She's surely good for you sorrow


So tonight I pay respect
To the know me I protect
And I'm making sure that she knows
That my door will always stay
Open for her everyday
I'll be here every time she feels low

MARS 2013